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Phuket Travel Guide: Essential Tips & Advice for an Unforgettable Trip [2023 Guide]

Phuket Travel Guide: Essential Tips & Advice for an Unforgettable Trip [2023 Guide] 23

Phuket Travel Guide: Essential Tips & Advice for an Unforgettable Trip [2023 Guide]

Phuket Travel Guide: The Best Beaches & Secret Tips

Phuket represents the best of mass tourism. There's no need to sugarcoat anything because it's well-known that many areas of Phuket are not as idyllic as many might picture Thailand to be. Unfortunately, you encounter this quickly and cannot escape it; at the latest, you'll see what we mean when you stroll through Patong, Phuket's tourist hub. Phuket is known in some parts for its headache-inducing tourists, but happily, there are also some lovely lesser-known locations! We have visited Phuket twice, and our sole purpose was to look for the island's most breathtaking landscapes, beaches, and hidden nooks. In this blog post, we'll give you the lowdown on Phuket's most prominent attractions and our best advice for having a great time there. Explore this beautiful destination with a 3 Nights 4 Days Phuket Tour Package from Neo Travelmart.

What to know before visiting Phuket and pre-travel advice

Thailand's largest island is Phuket. It's an island, that's correct! In the Andaman Sea, Phuket is situated in the southwest of Thailand. Many people must know that a bridge connects Phuket Island to the mainland.

Is Phuket the best place to go?

Phuket is too diverse to be lumped into just one category. In other words, because Phuket is so large, there is something on the island for everyone. As a result, Phuket is home to a diverse population, including partygoers, couples, and families with young children. 

Phuket would not be at the top of our list of suggestions, though, if you're seeking a vacation spot with a tranquil beach. Khao Lak, Koh Lanta, or Koh Phangan are far better choices. There are some outliers in Phuket, such as areas or (luxury) hotels where you don't notice the commotion. You must be aware that Phuket is nearly exclusively focused towards tourism if you visit. There are a lot of drawbacks to that. However, there are also benefits. For instance, Phuket offers top-notch medical treatment. In other regions of Thailand, this is frequently different. Phuket's international airport, along with Khao Lak, is the quickest way to reach a beach in Thailand.

Places to visit in Phuket with family/kids:

BLUE TREE WATER PARK is fantastic for children of all ages.

Location: Phuket's Cherngtalay

Outdoor activity type

If you're travelling here with a family, you must visit Blue Tree Water Park. There is something for everyone to enjoy at this 17,000 m2 lagoon pool, which also features a wide variety of slides, zip lines, jumps, paddleboards, and beach space. If you have kids between two and seven, the Kids Planet staff can keep them occupied with enjoyable activities while putting their safety first. Even if you must be more daring to try the Slip'n'Fly slides, which have a 30m slope that launches you into the air, they're impressive, primarily when the pros performed. With five restaurants and bars, including the Treehouse beach lounge, Treehouse restaurant, Treetop, Bay Grill and Sunset bar, and some excellent food trucks, there is no shortage of options to satisfy your hunger after all that activity. Overall, a trip to Blue Tree will be something you'll cherish for a lifetime because it's such a fantastic day out and a top family activity in Phuket.


Excellent For Children 5+

Place: Phuket Town, Thailand

Outdoor activity type

When staying in Phuket, you enjoy the convenience of being close to the magnificent island of Phi Phi. The clear waters surrounding Phi Phi offer the opportunity to view incredible marine life because it is located in one of Thailand's best marine parks. If you've done snorkeling before, you'll feel right at home here, and if not, there's no better spot to give it a shot. You don't need to know how to swim to use a life jacket if you're feeling uneasy. On the island of Phi Phi itself, there are numerous excellent beaches to visit, including the infamous Maya Bay and some lovely eateries. What a wonderful day! It doesn't become more beautiful. 

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Great for children ages 3 to 12

Place: Phuket Town, Thailand

Indoor activity type

The house that is turned on its side performs as advertised! When you first see it, you'll undoubtedly turn your head in an attempt to view it upright, just like we did. There is even an aquarium, albeit the fish still need to be taught to swim upside down. It is exquisitely constructed, with fantastic attention to detail. If you understand what I mean, you enter through the roof and proceed upstairs to the downstairs. Everything you would find in a typical home is present, including a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and many fantastic photo opportunities, particularly in the bathroom.


Excellent For Children 6+

Location: Phuket's Chalong

Outdoor activity type

The Flying Hanuman is appropriately called because Hanuman is the king of the apes and represents bravery and strength. You'll find yourself floating through enormous trees while perched high in the canopy with all the birds and other creatures in Phuket's tropical jungle. There are two sky bridges, 15 ziplines, and 28 platforms, some 40 metres high. You'll be picked up and taken to the gorgeously constructed wooden welcome building by minivan, where you may unwind and possibly get a drink at the bar before your course—there are four each day—begins. What an excellent way to connect with nature.


Place: Phuket Town, Thailand

Indoor activity type

You won't anticipate finding an ice rink when you get to Phuket. So get ready for a surprise! The hourly charge is 590 baht for adults and 350 baht for children at Phuket Ice Arena, which is open daily. If you want to take it more seriously, you can also choose a personal coach for 1,000 baht; however, booking ten sessions won't save you any money. Or, if you plan to stay a while, you can enrol in figure skating or hockey lessons for 5,000 Baht per month. Whatever option you select, it will be awesome.

Phuket Packages By Departure City

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You'll have to admit that there are plenty of options to keep you and your family busy while you're here, whether you're looking for relaxation and mindfulness activities or fun and excitement. Overall, the weather is beautiful, and even when it does rain, you can find things to do on this list to make you happy. Find great prices during the off-season for Bangkok Pattaya Phuket tour packages.