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10 Days 9 Nights Switzerland-Paris Tour Package
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9 Nights / 10 Days

10 Days 9 Nights Switzerland-Paris Tour Package

Europe Switzerland Italy Tour Packages - 6 Nights 7 Days
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Europe Switzerland Italy Tour Packages - 6 Nights 7 Days

Switzerland Honeymoon Tour Package - 6 Nights 7 Days
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Switzerland Honeymoon Tour Package - 6 Nights 7 Days


Switzerland Tour Packages from India

Welcome to our Switzerland Tour Packages! Switzerland is a country renowned for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and rich history. Our tour packages are designed to offer you the best of Switzerland, whether you're planning a romantic honeymoon, a family vacation, or a solo trip.

For couples seeking a romantic getaway, our Switzerland Tour Packages for Couples offer an ideal mix of adventure and relaxation. Explore charming cities like Zurich and Geneva, take a scenic train ride through the Swiss Alps, and indulge in delectable Swiss chocolates and wines.

For families looking for an unforgettable vacation, our Switzerland Tour Packages for Family are perfect. Enjoy exciting activities like skiing, hiking, and sightseeing, and discover Switzerland's fascinating history and culture.

If you're planning a vacation to unwind and relax, our Switzerland Tour Packages for Vacation offer the perfect escape. Bask in the natural beauty of Switzerland's picturesque landscapes, rejuvenate with spa treatments, and relish the delicious Swiss cuisine.

Switzerland is a land for travelers there are bunches of places you can explore which even includes the small villages too. Switzerland has royalty in it. Here is a list of places you need to explore while you are in Switzerland. 

Places to Visit in Switzerland: 

  • Zurich
  • Lucerne (Luzern)
  • St Moritz
  • Bern (The Capital of Switzerland)
  • Interlaken
  • Geneva
  • Basel


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is known for its picturesque location at the northwestern end of Lake Zurich. It is a global center for finance and banking, as well as a popular destination for tourists seeking a mix of culture, history, and natural beauty. Some of the city's most famous attractions include the Fraumünster Church, the Swiss National Museum, and the Zurich Zoo. Visitors can also enjoy shopping on the famous Bahnhofstrasse, taking a stroll along the Limmat River, or exploring the nearby mountains.

Lucerne (Luzern):

Lucerne, also known as Luzern, is a charming city in central Switzerland that offers a mix of medieval and modern charm. Visitors can explore the city's Old Town, which features narrow cobblestone streets and historic buildings such as the Chapel Bridge and the Water Tower. Lucerne is also known for its beautiful lakeside location and stunning mountain views, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can take a boat tour on Lake Lucerne, hike in the nearby mountains, or enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

St Moritz:

St Moritz is a glamorous resort town located in the Swiss Alps. It is known for its luxurious hotels, high-end shopping, and world-class skiing. The town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice and is a popular destination for celebrities and the wealthy. Visitors can take in the stunning mountain scenery while skiing, snowboarding, or enjoying other winter sports. In the summer, visitors can explore the town's many hiking and biking trails, or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful alpine scenery.

Bern (The Capital of Switzerland):

Bern is the capital city of Switzerland and is known for its beautiful Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is located on the banks of the Aare River and is surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful countryside. Visitors can explore the city's many museums, including the Zentrum Paul Klee, which houses the works of the famous Swiss artist. Other popular attractions include the Bern Cathedral, the Federal Palace of Switzerland, and the Rose Garden, which offers stunning views of the city.


Interlaken is a picturesque town located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It is known for its stunning mountain scenery and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy hiking in the nearby mountains, taking a scenic train ride, or exploring the town's many shops and restaurants. Interlaken is also a popular base for skiing and snowboarding in the winter months.


Geneva is a cosmopolitan city located on the banks of Lake Geneva, near the French border. It is known for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and international organizations such as the United Nations and the Red Cross. Visitors can explore the city's many museums and cultural institutions, including the Museum of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent and the Patek Philippe Museum. Other popular attractions include the Jet d'Eau, a stunning water fountain that shoots water over 400 feet into the air, and the picturesque Old Town.


Basel is a beautiful city located in northwestern Switzerland, near the borders of France and Germany. It is known for its many museums, including the Basel Art Museum, which houses an impressive collection of works by famous artists such as Picasso and Monet. Visitors can also explore the city's many historic buildings, including the Basel Minster, a stunning Gothic cathedral that dates back to the 12th century. Other popular attractions include the Rhine River, which runs through the city and is a popular spot for river cruises and boat tours.

Apart from these places you can also explore the:

•  Zermatt

•  Lausanne

•  Basel

•  Solothurn

•  St. Gallen

•  Chur

•  Montreux 

•  Mt. Titles and many more will mesmerize you with their beauty. 

Switzerland is also filled with many fun and adventurous activities which will double the pleasure of your vacation, here is a list of activities you should not miss during your vacation:

Rhine Falls, Boating: 

Rhine fall is one of the top attractions in Switzerland, famous and breathtakingly adventurous, this place attracts a lot of visitors and gives them a chance to get closer to the falls through boat trips, viewing platforms, and an adventure trail. You can take a boat to the rock in the middle of the falls for a heart-pumping view, or just sit on the platform with your loved one or friends, and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the gushing water. The experience of watching the water drop with such high pressure is scary but it is one of the most exciting things you have to do in Switzerland. 

Skydiving in Switzerland:

Skydiving in Switzerland is one of the top activities you have to participate in. Skydiving is a thrilling and exciting sport in which the diver jumps from an airplane from a height. Many adventure enthusiasts from all over the world take up sky diving with passion and enjoy falls from altitude. While jumping from the helicopter in Interlaken, you will witness one of the best views of your whole life. On one side it is a white mountain and on another side, its luxuriant green mountains will take you to another zone. The dive will take your adrenaline rush faster than your jump. Anybody can plan a skydiving tour with the help of travel companies and agents. Beginners are mostly given practice before doing the final jump. One can get into both groups of skydiving as well as standalone experiences with the help of travel companies. Checking your safety supplies is the first rule of successful skydiving. If you have to try one thrill activity, make it sky diving. 

Chocolate factory: 

if you are in Switzerland and haven't tried chocolate then bro I am sorry for you. Switzerland is the land of "Chocolate" and to enjoy the whole experience of the chocolate-making process, you need to visit "Lindt- Home of Chocolate". No matter how old you are this factory got something for people of all ages and for young people it is like walking heaven. Making your chocolate with your designs under special supervision is the best thing. It is a quite calm but very fun activity to do. There is no way you should miss the Lindt chocolate factory tour. this place is also very Instagram-worthy. You can get to know about the history of Lindt chocolate, how it started, and also it is the biggest chocolate shop in the world. Whether you are on your honeymoon, solo trip, or with your friends or family, Lindt chocolate shop will pamper you and it is a party for chocolate lovers. You can never be over this amazing place, even if you want more chocolate after your tour.


Switzerland is practically synonymous with the swish of skis—as the first place in Europe to develop winter tourism, the country's skiing tradition is long and storied. As the first Swiss town to develop winter tourism, St. Moritz remains one of the premier ski resorts in the Alps. This luxury town seems to drip wealth, but it also offers incredible skiing on around 96 miles (155 kilometers) of terrain spread across three ski areas: Corviglia, Corvatsch, and Diavolezza-Legal. With its high altitude, St. Moritz is known for its consistently great snow quality and is the best place to enjoy the ski most. There are many other places with top ski resorts you can enjoy are; Verbier, Zermatt, Saas-Fee, Grindelwald, and more. These resorts provide you with quality products and a trained supervisor. 

Cable rides: 

Cable rides are one of the best ways to enjoy the top view of Switzerland. You can go from one place to another by cable car. The best ride is from Mt.Titlis to Lucerne. A beautiful ride with your loved one is the most romantic thing in Switzerland. Squeeze in as many snow-themed attractions as you can during approximately two hours of free time at the top. Your guided day trip includes snow tubing at Titlis Glacier Park plus admission to the Glacier Cave, Ice Flyer chairlift, Titlis Rotair gondola, and Cliff Walk — Europe's highest suspension bridge. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the ride over the mountains by having hot chocolate or coffee date with the love of your life.

Apart from these activities, there is much other stuff you cannot miss, do check out them. 

•  Tour of the cheese factory

•  Lavuax and Lutry wine walk

•  Swiss Alps day trip from Zurich 

•  Cellar Visit

•  Paragliding 

•  Via Ferrata Murren

•  Cycling tour to the city and much more fun stuff you shouldn't miss.

Planning a trip can be pricey, but Neo Travelmart is the ideal travel company to help you get the best bang for your buck. With their top-notch experiences, you can rest assured that you are getting the most out of your trip, no matter where you go or what you do.

Why choose Neo Travelmart?

At Neo Travelmart, we are dedicated to crafting the perfect Switzerland Tour Packages for you. From flights and accommodation to meal plans and sightseeing, we take care of all the details to ensure you have a memorable and unique holiday experience. Whether you are planning a romantic honeymoon, quality time with family, or travelling solo, our packages suit all types of travelers and budgets. As the Best Travel Agency in Mohali, we guarantee you the best value for your money and an unforgettable vacation. Let us help you plan your dream trip and make your travel dreams come true!

Neo Travelmart also plans a trip by following COVID rules, because we understand and take COVID very seriously. Do not waste your time here and there, reach out to us and let's plan your vacation.

Neo Travelmart, also loves to clear some of the doubts of our clients: 

What are the travel tips we need to follow during our Switzerland trip? 

•  The day starts early in Switzerland, the best way to enjoy the vacation is when you start your day according to Swiss people.

•  Get yourself a travel pass during your trip, it will be easier for you to transport on public transport. 

•  The regular is safe to drink, no need to buy expensive water bottles

•  Don't get too excited; take care of your health too. if you have height troubles then avoid going to high altitudes. 

•  Always carry your passport and ID proof with you and extra exchange cash too.

What is the best time to visit Switzerland?

If you're looking to experience the stunning landscapes of Switzerland, then April to October is the ideal time to visit. For winter-lovers, December to March is the time to go. Switzerland is gorgeous no matter when you visit, so why not make it part of your Summer Vacation plans?

What is the best-selling package for Switzerland trip?

The response to our overall offering has been overwhelmingly positive, with our personalized packages proving to be the most popular. These packages range in price from 60k to 70k per person, with the Switzerland and Italian Tour Package 6 Nights 7 Days being one of the most sought-after.

How much honeymoon package can cause?

Switzerland is the perfect destination for your honeymoon. The cost of your honeymoon package will depend entirely on your preferences, so you can choose to spend as much or as little as you'd like. To give you an idea, honeymoon packages can start from 70k  to 90k per person, but the price can go higher.

How many days are enough for your Switzerland trip?

Switzerland is a beautiful country, even if you spend a month there it will be less, but as for vacation, 8-10 days is enough to explore the beautiful places. You can choose how many days you want to stay there in heaven, and we will plan accordingly. 

What is the best hill station in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a mountainous Central European Country, it is filled with beautiful mountains and hill stations but still, if I have to choose one it would be Mount Pilatus, other than that, Jungfraujoch and Matterhorn are also incredibly breathtaking. 

What is the best honeymoon destination?

While Switzerland is perfect for a honeymoon, no matter which part of Switzerland you visit. Even the small villages have an ambiance for couples. But, the most amazing honeymoon destinations are Zurich and Geneva. Two different places hold the two different worlds of Switzerland. 

Is Switzerland expensive? 

 It may or may not, depending on your budget. The average cost for a Switzerland trip for 7-10 days is 1 lakh. And it is okay according to the place. I think Swiss isn't that expensive, everyone should visit once there. 

Don't think much, give all your planning stress to us. Neo Travelmart, will make your trip smooth and memorable. Visit once, you will keep coming again and again.  

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