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Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Hello there Travel lovers!

We’re really excited to let you know that Neo Travelmart venture of hokis solutions is looking to expand its faction of bloggers' and everyone there belonging to blogging community is most welcome to join us in this expedition. We are sure you would be having a bagful of wonderful stories for us, gathered neatly with some basic and good travel-friendly advice. We’re confident that our audience will be keen to view your blogs, experiences, stories, and knowledge and travel diaries.

Guest bloggers, welcome aboard!

We understand the value of contributions that can make the content on our Site diverse and more varied. But also, we’d love to have the guest posts on our Site which can strike an instant connection with the travelers, backpackers, budget modifiers but travel lovers, our target audience are the ordinary people just like you.

You'd wonder why you should post a guest blog on our Website: Actually, submitting a guest post/blog on our website will work for our mutual benefit. In return to your good and quality content, you’ll automatically be able to attract more traffic onto your own blog or website. The backlink or hyperlink to your site will benefit your Site in terms of SEO too. Besides, we’ll be promoting the content via different platforms, say social media or email marketing campaigns - indirectly resulting in your promotions too.

So it a complete win-win situation, right?

Topics for Guest Posts We Accept

We request you to avoid submitting posts that may sound like a travel agent’s two-day itinerary. We’d rather love such content which will sound like someone's own personal (and not a commercial) experience, say a friendly travel guide or any hotel review.

Okay, let’s be more specific about what we actually are looking for. Below are some broad topics that’ll give you a better idea of the type of guest posts we accept or expect:

Destination guides

You can write about famous and top-rated tourist destinations. Give us few details regarding that like, best places to visit, the best time or season to visit, recommended places to stay, necessary things to take with you, how to reach the destination etc. One thing obvious, the destination you recommend should be some new place and not already featured on the website. Writing about some off-beat destinations would increase your chances of getting featured.

Road trips

Did you recently take any road trips during vacation? If yes, then why not tell us a bit about it? Road trips often need extensive planning – determining the routes, timing the travel and laying out the halts. So, your prior road trip experience can guide the readers about the latest road conditions and the recommended halt points, make them feel confident of the content and they can feel connected.

All those things which can be done in the City

Your guest post can exclusively tell about the things to do in the city. Tell us and our audience about some popular city attractions, museums, parks, temples, historical monuments and other spots that travelers often would love to visit and explore. Give us all the details about their visiting hours, entry fee, what to see, where to see etc.

Basic Travel tips

The travel industry is bursting with new trends, spaces and revelations. The travel industry, and the way the people look at and presume this industry has changed a lot and got much advanced. Still many a times, travelers have to face few challenges. If you are a frequent rider or traveler, we’re sure you will be having some terrific and useful tips which will help other tourists sail through and enjoy their vacations comfortably.

Some Other Travel Topics

We’ll be more than glad to get your post/s on other travel related topics too, hotel reviews, destination reviews, trekking or hiking trails, mountaineering or timber trains - anything that relates to travel in India. Moreover, if you own or run any business related to travel apps or other travel related gadgets, a guest post about your venture will be highly appreciated.

Guidelines for Guest Posts

  • • The guest post should be of 900 -1000 words.
  • • Kindly give us only your original content. We will not accept posts that are copied or plagiarized from any other website (even if it’s your own blog).
  • • You can also send images or videos along with your post. But, the media should be relevant to the post. If you’re adding your personal photos or videos onto the post, you’ll be giving us the copyright to use that in the post on our website. You can send a maximum of five images and one short video (12 mins duration at max).
  • • Your post should be free from any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • • You can also add a brief introduction of yourself, but keep it only upto 80-100 words.

So what’s stopping you now? Get your views, imaginations, experiences and ideas rolling and send your submissions for the guest post. You can send us an email with your post submission on the below mentioned email.

Once we receive your post, our editorial team can take upto 5-7 days to check the post, its quality and accuracy. Once the check is successfully done – you’d hear from us.