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Bhutan Tour and Travel Packages

Looking for a serene and peaceful holiday? Want to de-stress yourself? Welcome to Bhutan, the World's happiest country. Immerse yourself in this picturesque Himalayan kingdom with its magnificent castle-like monasteries, flavored delicacies along with their colorful festivals! Bhutan is extremely beautiful, even the least beautiful places in Bhutan are more beautiful than the most beautiful places in most countries. Waking up to mesmerizing view feels different. Do you know, more than 60% of the country is covered with the forest? That means almost zero pollution. Their largest city (Thimphu) has a population of only 65,000. Most of the rivers and streams are so pure that you can drink water directly from them.  Bhutan is a Buddhist country and has a culture different from all the places I have visited. They give more emphasis on happiness than economic prosperity so much so that they use Gross National Happiness (GNP) as a measure of prosperity rather than Gross Domestic Product (GDP). They have a unique culture we need to admire. Bhutan has been on our bucket list for a long time and we finally decided that it's time to book those tickets and go explore this wonderful country.  I have never been to such a peaceful place. People here are free of many of the tensions that the common man faces in other countries. Do not hesitate for planning your trip to Bhutan. 

As the saying goes '' Never judge a book by its Cover,'' Although Bhutan is a small and landlocked country surrounded by many beautiful and captivating places. Here are the top places we all need to visit during our Bhutan tour: 

Tiger Nest's Monastery: 

One of the most sacred places of pilgrimage in the country, the Tiger's Nest Monastery, known by the Bhutanese as the Taktsang Monastery, has become the unofficial symbol of Bhutan. A temple complex was first built in 1692, around the Taktsang Senge Samdup cave where Guru Padmasambhava is said to have meditated for three years, three months, three weeks, three days, and three hours in the 8th century. Perched on a sheer ridge at a dizzying height of 3,000m above sea level, and appearing to cling to the side of a rugged cliff face, the sight of this exquisite holy building will leave you breathless. The building itself has fascinated historians and architects for decades and can only be accessed by trekking with your On The Go guide for several hours, making the reward of seeing it all the sweeter. Legend has it that Guru Rinpoche, father of Bhutanese Buddhism, rode here on the back of a tigress to meditate back in the 8th century, hence it acquiring its nickname.


Also Bhutan's capital, allows travelers to step away from the typical tourist experience and be part of something unique. Being one of just two national capitals in the world that don't use traffic lights, police beckoning and waving traffic along are a common sight here. Earmark at least a day for your Thimphu Tour. From the National Memorial Chorten(built in memory of Bhutan's third DrukGyalpo) and therefore the Jungshi handmade paper factory to the Textile Museum and the Institute for ZorigChusum (center for Bhutanese art education), there's much to see in Bhutan's capital city. Stately monks draped in blood-red robes weaving in and out of magnificent monasteries are also commonplace in this spiritual city and at the Tashichho Dzong (Fortress of the Glorious Religion). Travelers in Thimphu are sure to be pleasantly surprised by the spectacular views over the surrounding region's natural beauty as well as by the range of amenities available, such as cafes, bars, and nightclubs, all of which are transforming the international view of mysterious Bhutan.

Bumthang Valley: 

Commonly referred to as the 'spiritual heartland of Bhutan', Bumthang boasts some of the country's oldest Buddhist temples and monasteries. Besides its temples, the region is famous throughout the country for its brightly colored wool products known as Yathra. And as it is blessed with stunning natural landscapes, walking is one of the most popular activities for visitors. As we move east we get into a land full of nature and forests. Bumthang valley is a typical deeper Bhutan place where agriculture has been a mainstay for ages - buckwheat, honey, and cheese are what they grow. The mixture of meadows, forests, villages, and sacred sites provide a picturesque showcase of Bhutan's rural scenery. 

Another interesting place to visit in Bumthang is Red Panda microbrewery - owned by a swiss national Mr. Maurer, and they make excellent unfiltered, weiss beer. You would get a good round of the plant and a bottle of beer to sample.


Home to the glorious Punakha fortress (dzong), Punakha is the former capital of Bhutan. The fortress is often described as one of the most beautiful in the country, with its sparkling white-washed walls and intricately patterned roof. The sound of the rivers adds an atmospheric element for those wandering through the dzong's hallowed halls. Having served as the capital of Bhutan from 1637 to 1907, Punakha Valley is an important part of Bhutan tourism. The majestic Punakha Dzong, built at the confluence of two major rivers (the Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu) also because the Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup, a tranquil temple, and renowned nunnery, are must-visits. Another particular point of interest in Punakha, which should be on the 'must-see' list of all visitors, is the Khamsum Yuley Temple. Surrounded by rugged, green mountains and blessed with a year-round mild climate, Punakha is an adventurous destination for those seeking to get off the beaten track for a while. A pleasant town that makes the most of its scenic must add it to your list.

Paro Valley: 

Home to Bhutan's only international airport, Paro valley is covered in fertile rice fields, amidst traditional dwellings and mighty mountains. The city of Paro is home to a wealth of architectural and natural beauty. Whilst in the city, travelers can partake in a range of activities, including mountain biking, rafting, and hiking. One particularly popular option is the Snowman Trek, a challenging yet exciting trail that stretches over 5km through high-altitude passes. If you don't manage any of these, fear not, adrenaline will be pumping from the get-go as you come into the land in the narrow valley that houses Paro's. For something more tranquil, try meditating outside as the sun rises from behind the region's dramatic peaks. If a meditation session doesn't seem like quite your thing, a stroll along the peaceful water can be just as, if not more, relaxing. 

Other places where you can the beautiful serene are: 

•  Temple of Chimi Lakhang

•  Phalluses and the Divine Madame

•  Punakha Dzong

•  Gangtey Monastery

•  Dochula Pass

•  Tashichoo Dzong and many more;

Bhutan is not only about places their many activities which you can enjoy are:

White water rafting: 

The Mo Chu is one of the most scenic river stretches giving you a backdrop of the Royal Palace at Punakha in its upper reaches as well as a 360-degree view of the valley in the lower reaches. The best part of this route is that it is easily accessible as well as easy to handle. The entire activity lasts for about one and a half hours, covering a distance of 10 km approximately. The starting point usually is the Khamsum Yulay Namgyal Chorten and the endpoint is the Changyul Village Old Tree. To enjoy the best of rafting also depends on the season, rafting is very common in autumn and winter. White water rafting is available in Paro, Punakha, and the favorite in The Manas National Park.

Institute of Zorig Chusum: 

The National Institute of Zorig Chusum, fondly called the 'Painting School' is a beautiful heritage institute that teaches 13 special types of traditional art forms of Bhutan. With all cultures, modernization displaces a lot of beautiful ancient practices, however, Bhutan has instituted schools such as these to keep such practices alive and encourage the next generation to take them up as means of livelihood too. Wood carving, canvas painting, furniture painting, clay art-making, and different kinds of embroidery are a few of the art forms you will find here. The institute also houses a souvenir shop for visitors to pick up handmade knick-knacks. So, if you are interested in Bhutan culture and tradition, the institute of Zorig Chusum is a must to visit. 


Snow-capped Mountains, stunning valleys, lush green environment, and crystal clear lakes, Bhutan provides an amazing opportunity to undertake a trekking adventure with family or friends. The landscape of the country allows all kinds of trekkers ranging from beginners to experts level. Interacting with the locals and getting them to join your group is also one more way to experience the most pristine landscapes of the country. Most of the trekking routes in Bhutan are just into the wild, through the Virgin Mountains and forest. It's just you the thick forest and your guide and supplies. Bhutan is one of the safest places for trekking and camping or just camping by a riverside in Punakha with a little born fire. Also, a maximum of the monastery are located at the top of the mountain, which are also considered the trek. Some treks do require a certain amount of physical fitness, these treks will take you to the most remote or untouched parts of the country where the beauty will amaze you to the core.

Fly Fishing: 

At one-time fishing was an activity only meant for the royals. But now, Fly Fishing is a popular thing in Bhutan, enjoyed by many. Being home to high-altitude lakes with rich aquatic foliage and life, the rivers of Bhutan make an excellent breeding ground for the prized Golden Mahseer, Brown Trout, and Snow trout. The best places to try your hand at fly-fishing are at the Puna Tsang Chhu, Mangde Chhu, and Dangme Chhu confluence at the Royal Manas National Park or in The Haa, Punakha, and Bumthang regions. The Government of Bhutan imposes a catch and release policy on all angling activities. It is easy to find rentals as well as guides to teach you the ropes and help you find some amazing fish, changing the definition of an adventure trip to Bhutan.


The Rivers in Bhutan are an absolute treat for water sports like Kayaking. The six key rivers and their tributaries provide ideal training for beginners and as well as trained veterans. Tourism about water and related adventures is relatively new in Bhutan. The bountiful rivers from currents ranging from slow to really rapid provide the Kayaks the perfect blend of blood rush and beautiful nature. 

Bhutan is rolled with adventure stuff and exploring places, you will get bored a single day during your trip. From day to night Bhutan has something to offer. You can also enjoy:

•  The nightlife of Bhutan (clubbing, Karaoke, or walking around the city)

•  Bikes rides

•  Dragon Tour

•  Visit Takin Park

•  Visit the Simply Bhutan Museum and many beautiful things.

Apart from fun activities, Bhutan has amazing food which is the main highlight of your whole trip:

Ema datsi (chilly with cheese): 

If you like spicy food you should really try this. It is the national dish of Bhutan. Its cheesy texture will give you the sweetness and the spicy chilly that will sure warm you up and will really give you the gist of Bhutanese people's taste.

Shamu Datsi (mushrooms with cheese): 

There's like the spicy touch flavor with amazing soothing mushroom and cheese flavor that sure will make you eat more. 

Pu Tang (a maze noodle):

If you want to try Bhutanese noodles you sure will want to try this it gives you a spicy but the pepper feeling sure will decrease your spicy taste.


It is made of the floor but if you visit cool places you sure will want to try this will keep you warm and its flavor you can get it in both spicy and non-spicy flavors. It is my personal favorite dish. 

Paa (meat dish): 

There are a lot of different kinds of Paa and it's made with different types of vegetables. Every non-veg lover will fall in love with this dish. 


Originally from Haa, this buckwheat (again buckwheat) made dumplings are either steamed or fried along with some stuffings of green leafy vegetables.

These are dishes you cannot miss when you are in Bhutan. Below given restaurants are must give try.

•  Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant

•  Bukhari at Uma by COMO

•  Ambient Cafe

•  Galingkha

•  Chig-JA-gye at Taj Tashi

•  Swiss Guest House

Top 5 Bhutan Packages

Bhutan Tour Package 1 Nights 2 Days

Bhutan Tour Package 2 Nights 3 Days

Bhutan Tour Package 4 Nights 5 Days

Bhutan Tour Package 5 Nights 6 Days

Bhutan Tour Package 6 Nights 7 Days

Why choose Neo Travelmart?

Planning your trip is too hectic but also fun because we are planning something we have all wished for a very long time. Still, no matter how important it is due to our busy lifestyle we can't manage our time. That is why we need someone who can plan everything for you and make your vacation smooth and memorable. Also, we need some professional advice related to the place we are visiting. We can't Google everything. Neo Travelmart has a dream of providing everything thing to their customers so that they have the best time of their life. They also understand the value of vacations in everyone's life. Neo Travelmart team is an enthusiast and dedicating towards to our clients to make sure that enjoy their trip to Europe. Your queries are welcome at www.neotravelmart.com. They also make sure all your trips are safe and sanitized. Every activity and your stay are planned under COVID rules. They are available 24/7, so even if it is 3 am and you have a doubt, we are here to assist you. Because we love what we do and watching a smile on your client's face is all we think of as our reward. 

Some FAQs of our clients we love to answer:

What are the travel tips for the tour to Bhutan?

•  Make sure you have medical or travel insurance before going to Bhutan. One can easily get travel insurance via the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan.

•  You can easily spot an ATM after a distance of 2-5 km. So, make sure when you go out there is just enough cash that lets you commute and enjoy. Carrying excess cash can be an invitation for pickpockets.

•  Stay away from drugs or narcotics in any form. There is no ban on alcohol in Bhutan. Moreover, drinking the traditional alcohol of this place is believed to be a tradition. But, still drink according to a place where you are visiting and say NO to hard drugs.

•  Bhutan is slightly on the cooler side. So, ensure that you have your woolen with you when traveling here.

•  If you are up for some trekking, do wear comfortable shoes as the trails are steep here. Carry your first aid kit with you. Trekkers must have a trekking kit with them.

•  Dress appropriately if you go to a religious place.

•  Don't photograph or take videos wherever it is prohibited.

•  Hire a guide only from a reputed agency.

•  Carry your ID proof with you always. 

What is the best time to Travel to Bhutan?

Bhutan is a beautiful place to explore; Bhutan is an all-year place to visit. So, it depends on you what you choose for yourself. Spring (March, April & May) and fall (September, October, and November) are the best time to visit Bhutan. If you want to see snow-covered Bhutan then winter is also a good time to visit if you like snowfall and photography. And summer will be a botanist's delight with flowers in bloom and valleys covered in green. But monsoon could get in the way. No matter which season you choose, you will experience a beautiful site in Bhutan. 

Which package is the most sold package for Bhutan travel?

All packages are the best in their way, but if you want the best facilities then you can go with the premium package. But, most of our clients love customized packages. They believe it is more in their budget and they can choose everything according to what they want. The Bhutan package can start from 50k per person. 

Is a passport required for a Bhutan trip?

You do not need a passport. Government ID cards will do. But do read the immigration guidelines before entering upon so. Some of them change with time. Also, the Indian currency works in Bhutan at some point. 

Can I travel to Bhutan by road?

Yes, you can travel to Bhutan by road from three different border points. The Jaigaon – Phuentsholing border is the best option to choose and will get you to your destination most comfortably. Make sure you carry your ID proofs with you as your immigration documents. 

How much does a Honeymoon package for Bhutan can cost?

Bhutan isn't that expensive plus it is a very beautiful place where you can spend time with the love of your life and create lifetime memories. The honeymoon package includes date nights and a couple of activities. It can cost around 30k to 40k per person. 

How many days are enough for your Bhutan trip?

Indeed Bhutan is an incredible place to visit, but to explore Bhutan 6 days a week is enough. If you hire a guide it will make your trip much easy. With his knowledge, you can plan the places where you need to visit first and what you have to do during your journey. 

Is Bhutan a good place to visit with family?

Yes, Bhutan is an amazing place to visit with family. There are many temples and monasteries you can visit and seek knowledge from Monks. The mountains and views are very relaxing even the culture are very admirable. We all should visit once Bhutan with our families. 

What sort of climate I can find in Bhutan?

All kinds of weather you can experience in Bhutan, it depends on the time you choose to travel to Bhutan. Bhutan is beautiful and you can experience spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Temperatures vary from region to region (Western, Central & Eastern Bhutan).

So, what is stopping you, visit us at www.neotravelmart.com and get your hand on the best travel packages. You can also contact us at iNeo Travelmart.  We are waiting for you, until Happy Travelling.

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