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Terms and Condition

Please read below ‘Terms and Conditions’ carefully:


Reservations are made only by the Government approved/issued Document for traveller. This is to ensure by the traveller that their names are correctly listed on the invoice/document used for travel. Traveller will be sole responsible for any changes after the issuance of Travel Document & will bear the fees for any changes if required.


Package Prices, Vehicle type, Hotel Rates, Room Availability, Tour prices, Ticket prices for events, Transfer Availability, Airfares, aircraft availability are correct at the time of publications however it can anytime fluctuate and may add applicable surcharges and can change accordingly. Neo Travelmart reserves the right to re invoice for the correct price or services in case of computer or human error.

Cancellation and Payments Policy

Cancellations/Changes will only entertain in writing after the reservations are made. For any Cancellations/ Changes fee will be applicable if request has been made in written regardless of the reason for the Cancellations/Changes incur a charge per person & vendor/Supplier fee which will be applicable at the time of request.

All Reservations/Bookings will be done after certain deposit amount which will be clearly mentioned at the time of the Reservations/Bookings. Neo Travelmart reserves the right to cancel all Reservations/Bookings if full amount will not be disbursed within the specified time frame. The amount deposited for bookings is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Traveller agrees to our terms & conditions once the deposit is done and booking is made.

Refund Policy

Neo Travelmart has contractual agreement with Hotel/ Airlines and other DMC’s wherein Neo Travelmart is not allowed to obtain any refund hence all deposits/ payments are non-refundable, non- transferrable and non-changeable.

Travel Documentation

Neo Travelmart advice all the travellers to ensure about the authentication of their Travel Documents like Passports, Visas and other related documents. Traveller will be the sole responsible for any fraud documentation. Neo Travelmart further advice to all the travellers to study about the certain guidelines/advisory issued by the international destinations. Travellers should be aware about the announcements, warnings and travel prohibitions before the final bookings.

Airline Policy

Airlines reserves the rights to change any policies and services without prior notice. Neo Travelmart will not be responsible for the change of any rescheduled delayed or flight imposed by the Airlines. Neo Travelmart is not responsible for any kind of penalties incurred for tickets whether Domestic/International.

In case of change in flight schedule/ Re booking/ Flight Cancellation or delayed Traveller will be notified to the subject of information provided by the Airlines. Once Ticket is issued Traveller will be sole responsible for any change in Ticket/Flight Document and will incur the additional cost. Considering the minimum connecting time or travel package itinerary airlines reservations may be rebooked matching the requirement if we deem it necessary and Traveller will be informed accordingly. Seats will be cancelled and traveller may not get the same airfare or airline if full deposit is not done by the time of booking.

Visa Policy

Processing time of visa varies & for the issuance it depends upon country to country. Neo Travelmart only apply for the visa by its vendors. Neo Travelmart is not responsible for the delay/rejection of Visa. Travellers are advised to submit all valid documents asked by Neo Travelmart with clear photo of Traveller. Neo Travelmart is not responsible if any amendments are made by the visa department or country. Neo Travelmart is not responsible if received damaged passports or any travel document required for visa.


No refunds are claimed in case of unused services like free meals, sightseeing, entry tickets, transfers, permits etc.

Travellers are sole responsible & bear penalty or consequences for any damage to Hotel premises, Taxi, prohibited activities, theft, nuisance, conflicts or any similar activities during the expedition.

Travellers are advised to read the itineraries properly in case of missed activity or transfers Neo Travelmart will not responsible. For any extra taxi route or activity charges will be beard by the traveller only. Travellers are advised to use the Final vouchers for given services.

Travellers are advised to communicate in written, verbal interaction will not be justified or entertained.

Fares & Rates may rise during the peak time of Holidays & Festivals.

Travellers should be fully vaccinated. rt-pcr report is mandatory for abroad travel.

Travellers accept all terms & conditions by reading this agreement.